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  • Honestly, something along the lines of Springsteen or Mellencamp should just be under the generic "rock" title. Reason being is because the main sound of such an artist is derived from the original rock and roll sound of the '50s, filtered through much of the experimentation of the '60s but then stripped back down. Many of them also frequently share elements with roots rock and Americana.  Also, lyrically it is usually at a higher standard, even when they are singing about girls and cars. "Moderate" rock sounds more like soft rock or adult contemporary, like Air Supply, Christopher Cross or Michael Bolton.    Bands that sound like Led Zeppelin or Guns n' Roses would fall more in the hard rock genre, since that typically had a specific louder guitar-oriented sound and often simpler lyrics.  I really hate using classic rock as a genre rather than a radio format, as some people lump anything from Zeppelin to Emerson, Lake and Palmer under the classic rock banner, and most of those bands were different genres of music when they originally came out.

  • I just got the Black Friday announcement. Surprised, since I’ve halfway been expecting a rather final announcement for some time now, especially since they have been silent so long.

  • Are we getting delayed again on shipping? I'm still waiting on the Movement album.

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