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  • Fatherlight by fadedpaperfigures

    Pro-ject all white/speedbox built in, carbonite tonearm, red ortofon. This is plenty of turntable for audiophile recordings.

    But I run it through a series of Samson pA systems that are power conditioned with Carvin AC120S which is also a power sequencer.  I also direct the audio stream to a Samson amp that directs to MTX PS10 Sub woofer.  Signal is sent to Peavey 100 watt Black Widow bass amp and out to Marshal AS100D Amp.  Signal is sent to Roland Acoustic Chorus AC-60.  Currently trying to get a clean signal from Carvin AG300 250 watt acoustic guitar amp.  My Sound Lounge is sounding great.  There is additional recording equipment and I also archive analog recordings digitaly to HP ENVY and back up with a WD Passport Ultra nd 8 GB Seagate hard drive  the digital files first saved to 250 GB SSD in HP ENVY using iTunes or Amazon Music.

    The system is designed for studio recording, analog archive recording, and play back of vinyl and joining in and playing along with keyboard (Roland Fantom G6) or guitars, acoustic and electric, and miking vocals or horns or harmonica.   And not a bad seat in the house, for listening or recording or just flat out jamming. 

  • Crossing Out (Matt Fax Remix) by fadedpaperfigures

    upvoted Crossing Out (Matt Fax Remix) by Faded Paper Figures

  • Fatherlight by fadedpaperfigures

    If pressed Fatherlight would be in my regular rotation. That is saying a lot for an audiophile of 3000 recordings all vinyl.

  • Fatherlight by fadedpaperfigures

    upvoted Fatherlight by Faded Paper Figures

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  • Cyclone Sea by fadedpaperfigures

    This song is great, however the complete album is a work that is cohesively great.

  • Cyclone Sea by fadedpaperfigures

    upvoted Cyclone Sea by Faded Paper Figures

  • Jambox by thefloozies

    upvoted Jambox by The Floozies Duo

  • Wizard by sunsquabi

    upvoted Wizard by Sunsquabi

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