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HawksView Studio


Born 1986

Lives in Ithaca, NY.

Live with my parents while I build my recording studio/ cabin

about HawksView Studio

Trevor Thorpe. I grew up in the suburbs outside of DC, spending most of my free time making forts in the woods with neighborhood friends, and after dark I spent countless hours drawing and painting. I received a full tuition scholarship for art at WVU, but was already shifting my focus from art to music. After a year of WVU I went to Detroit to study car design, but quickly discovered that I would not be fulfilled by those pursuits. With my parents help, I moved to LA and took a nine month audio engineering course and got a job at a studio, where I worked for years, enjoying the creative freedom and diverse tasks and learning opportunities. I got burned out by the music industry and LA in general and finally wandered down to the docks where I met a captain of a 70' racing sailboat who became my boss, and with whom I sailed from Hawai'i to California four times.

I jumped from boat to boat and town to town, sailing schooners in Narragansett Bay, Hauling a 110' sailing yacht out in San Diego for a yard period, sailing my own little Newport 27' in Santa Monica Bay, and a schooner on Seneca Lake. I developed a love for Hawai'i, and the island of Kaua'i specifically, where I've made 15 trips and so many glorious months, hiking in the mountains, swimming in the waterfalls, soaking in the sunshine and eating lots of fresh fruit and fish. Eventually I left LA, and wanted to take advantage of my unemployed freedom so I sold my boat and bought a touring bicycle and gear and rode across the southern US to the southernmost point of Key West. It was a life changing ride.

My love for making music started in high school when my parents and grandmother gave me an iMac for college. I discovered GarageBand and made thousands of instrumentals and songs before working at the studio, at which point I was introduced to the audio program Logic, which opened up a whole new realm of creative possibilities. I began recording friends from the neighborhood, which began a lifelong tradition of musical collaborations with friends. In 2013 I holed up in a cabin in the woods of Spencer NY. with a woodstove and electricity but no running water. In two months I created my first solo album titled HawksView, after the cabin it was made in.

I formed a reggae band by the name of Big UpState in 2014 and played the Ithaca area for three years. The band spawned so much growth within me. Around the same time BUS was formed I started setting tracks aside for a Hip Hop album. Enter HipHoptical.

HipHoptical started as a follow up to HawksView, in which I would compose the music and work out all the parts and do everything, but then I began inviting friends to collaborate on it, and began envisioning parts for specific musician friends. There was such a casual flow to the creative process of collaborating. Someone would come in and listen to the album tracks and when they were inspired, I would pull up that session and begin recording! Just like that. Then I would go back and work the performance into the arrangement, sometimes combining or rearranging takes to fit the composition better.

The album took nearly four years to complete, but it has become more than an album, it has become a strong and beautiful community of musicians and fans alike. Many thanks to all involved!

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