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  • I can't find the post anymore. Maybe was deleted? I pay with CC, but I wouldn't mind paying my yearly sub with a mailed cashier's check so they avoid fees. Some of the online ways to pay just ask for too much money from the vendor. It's worth it for eBay when there is lack of trust I suppose, but FeedBands?!

  • Bella Donna was 45 RPM. THAT one fooled me. Thrash Grass did NOT. I realized and got up right away to change it. Haha. I recall BD because I got them in touch with a DJ and got their first radio spot! =)

  • I skipped that one. I did get two others though. You have something special!

  • Impotthoff - e-mail Kirby... they might make an exception for the occasional squeaky wheel? I don't mind the price increase.

  • I got mine in last week. Was happy to see signatures on the back.

  • Oh, Uh. I knew him before he was on Feedbands, but I have every one of David Halfbeard's available releases. Limited out of 25!

  • Faded Paper Figures. Their only other LP available is NOT high quality though. I was disappointed.

  • I've had great interactions with Kirby too. Is it a woman? Is it a persona? It's a small enough label I'd think not, but you know how you call Microsoft tech support everyone is "Brad Smith" or whatever? O_o

  • I have a copy of calm honcho. Good LP. I don't listen to it a lot because my wife isn't that into it. If you are interested, I'd be willing to sell.

  • Thank you for the CD! I listened to it yesterday with the family. I'll share it and listen to it often. Thank you!

  • Thanks y'all for the info. I bought "The Matter" 2xLP from FPF's affiliate site CDBaby for $14 shipped. I wish I could get my hands on Relics too, but maybe one day in a bin!

  • You're just now figuring out the lie of the illusion? Ah, to be you, and feel the horror again for the first time.

  • I see it now on the blog. That's a cool one. I'm getting fatigued on buying records though. I like how the sub I can chill out and just get it without thinking, but... I'm gonna give it a rest for a while. Enjoy the music I've got. I can't stop listening to FPF second to last track though. That should be on the radio!

  • I did not get the e-mail about that one.

  • Mmm cigar.... yesterday accomplished a major goal on my motorcycle project... rode across the interstate to my fav shop to buy a cigar and ride home. Ended up getting stuck. The electric starter is finicky and I'm too green to know that even though I can cold kickstart this big twin, I need to twist the throttle a little and turn off the enricher to start her hot that way.

  • ThrashGrass LP? I pre-ordered... not my usual cup of tea, but I like to support feedbands and the album art/LP color combo looked amazing!

  • May the karma return. =)

  • Did you send it to a member or what?

  • I second the MIXWAX recommendation. It's a very good compilation. I've played mine maybe 50 times on the turntable. I have suggested to staff they do a second MIXWAX, but I would not like a re-hash of already pressed music.

  • Are they? Not sure they are selling them for that... I for one would not buy a used Feedbands LP. I want FB to get my money to support the cause in the future.

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