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Born 1997

I work at McDonalds for a semi living

about Jay_Dee_Bee

Just some guy who is into just about every kind of music.

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  • following the bilinda butchers

  • Apparently, on Discogs, 'Thrash Grass' is being sold for A$1,200.00

  • Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to get it when I get paid.

  • Just got The Movements Golden today and it sounds amazing. Gonna work on the Discogs entry soon.

  • I do buy albums from artists that are on FeedBands, though admittedly most of them are artists that had their music pressed on vinyl through FeedBands. The only bands I can think of that haven't been pressed would be Thunder Fox and Wooden Woman. I've bought Thunder Fox's discography on Bandcamp a few months ago and plan on buying most of Wooden Woman's stuff in the near future.

  • I got PHZ-Sicks yesterday. Didn't mean to get it, but since I got it, I added it to the Discogs database. Felt like I accomplished something afterwords.

  • I thought the sponsor for that episode was

  • Didn't Feedbands mention that it plays at 45?

  • Wise Man by civilholdup

    upvoted Wise Man by Civil Holdup

  • Own Up by dolbrodan

    upvoted Own Up by Dolbro Dan

  • Golden (feat. Elliot Martin) by themovement

    upvoted Golden (feat. Elliot Martin) by The Movement

  • Blinded by themovement

    upvoted Blinded by The Movement

  • Swimming With The White Whale by thunderfox

    upvoted Swimming With The White Whale by Thunder Fox

  • Vanilla Chinchilla by thunderfox

    upvoted Vanilla Chinchilla by Thunder Fox

  • It Ain't Necessarily So by deonbakkesandthestolenhorses

    upvoted It Ain't Necessarily So by Deon Bakkes and the Stolen Horses

  • You should be. When I signed up, the record for that month sold out and I got the one from the previous one. I had to contact Feedbands for a download of the album I received.

  • I might get the Erez album this month.

  • Dead Indian is also selling Resist on their Bandcamp, on clear/black and black variants.

  • I can track my packages after about a day after I get the email that it shipped. Though I don't use the website they suggest I track my package with. I usually search my tracking number and use whatever Google suggests use, such as USPS of FEDX.

  • Out of curiosity, what did you choose?

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