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Lives in Black Mountain, NC

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it has been a beautiful fight. still is.

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  • Hello! Sorry guys I haven't been on the forum in a minute. If there are any issues with downloads or monthly record choices just shoot me an email [email protected] and I will take care of it. We are still trying to work out all the kinks which is an ongoing issue.

  • @quizkid tank and the bangas is expected to ship in November. Still waiting on the records to get here.

  • Build & Kill by bloodplums

    upvoted Build & Kill by Bloodplums

  • Lying Awake (Wise Man pt. 1) by civilholdup

    upvoted Lying Awake (Wise Man pt. 1) by Civil Holdup

  • Either Way by civilholdup

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  • Wrecking Trains by mindcinema

    upvoted Wrecking Trains by Mind Cinema

  • couldn't agree more it is very frustrating and costly when they mishandle them. We have tried putting more cardboard in, and better boxes. The next step is getting insurance for media mail then usps is liable for any damage.

  • I will def go to a show. The Grey Eagle is my favorite venue so hopefully you can play there!

  • Song Of The Sea by screens4eyes

    takes me back to my enigma days

  • Song Of The Sea by screens4eyes

    upvoted The Best Ass in LA by Supervillain

  • Brad sucks is next month's release so if you preordered it let us know so we can skip the month or choose a different record. Send me an email at [email protected] letting me know what you would like to do. Thanks!

  • thanks for getting it out that Marbin will be a part of the monthly! We don't want to send out duplicates to anyone unless they want an extra:) Brad Sucks is next month's release so if anyone preordered it let me know at [email protected] so we can skip the month or you can choose a different record. thanks yall

  • Alone by ericbenoit

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  • just send an email to support @ and they will refund you

  • also the download for the daily dose is only available for that day

  • Hella by unakaprong2

    upvoted Hella by Unaka Prong

  • it is Sea At Last still waiting to receive records before shipping any out. Switching over to hand pressed has caused some delays but they will look amazing!!

  • @megmer09 under Account Settings>Update Billing Info you can also send an email request to update the shipping to [email protected]

  • @rwebb92 anything in particular? I know feedback on how to improve the website is on top of the list.

  • yep yep they are awesome

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    Thank you for the upvote, I really appreciate you listening!

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    Thanks for the thumbs up! We'll be out that way in July.



    are you playing a show in Asheville? I recommend the Grey Eagle best damn venue in Ashevegas