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We believe in art. We do what we consider art and we work with what we consider art.

about KilroyKobra

Kilroy Kobra is a band from Atlanta fronted by producer and multi-instrumentalist Tommy Uribe who spent his post-college life working on KK's debut LP release "Man of the World" and collaborating/producing many artists in the Atlanta music scene! Tomas "Tommy" Uribe was born in Medellin, Colombia in December 17th, 1992 to a family of architects with an ambition to travel the world, learn the cultures and arts offered by the face of the Earth itself. Through the experience of traveling and living in different countries for Tommy growing up, he grew to fall in love with the world by looking at all their similarities and the differences that set them apart. Eventually he started seeing the world as one instead of tons of different countries and in turn, didn't see himself anymore as "Colombian" or "American" or any other label except for as a citizen born from the Earth. With that concept in mind and his experiences of every day life that he felt were basic human experiences universally understood by all mankind, "Man of the World" was born. "Man of the World" is a genre-melting art rock album where the music, nostalgic feeling as it is, is one of the most open-minded albums you'll experience in a while. An absolute must for those who just genuinely love music. Tommy wrote and arranged the whole album during a month he spent in Colombia visiting family and spent the next few months recording the album on his own in Phasers on Phasers Recordings (PoPR) studio in Atlanta, Georgia. A studio Tommy, Michael and ZaZu had started on their own in Michael's basement. Near the end of the recording sessions he sought out for local musicians and artists to be in his live band; Michael and ZaZu wanted to be a part of Kilroy Kobra already and through mutual friends, they found Carly and Ian. They spent all of April all the way to early August re-recording and mixing the album as a band at Nova-One Studio in Kennesaw, Georgia. As they were finishing up recording, the band met more and more musicians interested in the project; the band ended up changing lineups and expanding to a 10 piece band! Including Zach (trombone, vocals), Andrew (trumpet, vocals), Josh (synths, vocals), Mike (drums, keys, guitars) and others who occasionally perform along Kilroy Kobra every now and then. "Man of the World" is set to release digitally September 27th, 2016 and a limited release vinyl that will be released along with a full-length film also titled "Man of the World" soon to be announced. Stay tuned for more info on future shows and events Kilroy Kobra will be a part of and don't forget to join KK's mailing list!

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