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  • Picture by lynx

    I feel a sad song coming. A lady is singing, I feel tears coming. I hear a chorus, if this is by one person I don't believe it! So far, its very slow and almost dreamy in a sense. Pain of my history? A Picture? Her rhyming scheme is neat. As I listen to this, I keep staring at the cat picture, and I feel it staring at my soul. Lyrics are a bit repetitive, they are pretty, but the song could be a full minute shorter if she didn't repeat it at the end. I didn't end up crying, but I do have the memory of this song in my head.

  • Negative Space by thebirdscompanion

    I gots me some piano, nice beautiful, graceful piano about 30 seconds in. At the minute mark I still got a lot of piano, and its great. 1:30, I am hearing other instruments in the background, very relaxing. 2 minutes in, the song has maintained a very gentle tone throughout. 2:30, I almost sense that this is a sad, mourning song, almost a requiem. 3 minutes in and til the end, I feel like the song has gone by too fast and I have been found wanting for a bit more, while wanting to down some happy ness at the same time.

  • YaYa by intuit

    About 30 seconds in, Im liking it. 60 seconds, I am liking this singer. 1.30 seconds, I can imagine this in a sorta swingie environment. 2 minutes, my foot is tapping to the slow beat, the drums are cool too. 2.30 in, I am sorta reminded of 80s echo stuff and the singer is back! 3 minutes in, back to swing which is awesome. 3.30 in and we got a guitar solo, nice and relaxing. 4 minutes we got the singer back. Til the end, I realize that I couldn't understand the lyrics, only that they had me bopping my head and wanting to just turn on the chill mode.

  • 09 Escape From Hippie Mountain by marbin

    In order to call this Avant Garde, one must know the definition of Avant Garde. From what I've seen with Models and Fashion, it is incredibly unorthodox, or something that is in no way practical. In terms of this song being considered Avant Garde Jazz, Rock and Roll, or Jam music I would consider all to be incorrect as this song is really a combination of all 3 styles into one. Its rhythm contains a fast tempo which goes hand in hand with Rock and Roll. Drums are parts of ALL music in some form or another. Jazz drums can be gentle (blue) rhythms or raging sounds of Swing, the drums here are indeed fast yet bear the rhythm of swing. (Rock I.E. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +. Jazz I.E. 1 .. uh 2 .. uh 3 .. uh 4 .. uh) One very big element that screams jazz is the Saxophone. Saxophone and Jazz are almost married they are so close to eachother. However if we look at Old rock songs like Old time of rock and roll, there is Saxophone in ROCK music, but they still contained essence of Rhythm of blues. Finally since Jam is more like a free-for-all style it can really fit into anything it chooses to. Ultimately we have a Jam that consists of Unorthodox Jazz elements and Rock and roll base. Thats my opinion.

  • 09 Escape From Hippie Mountain by marbin

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  • Showboat by boombox

    Reminds me of funk, I like it!

  • The Weeping Souls by mindlesshope

    I've heard good metal before, and I'm happy to hear music that isn't Hardcore Death metal of Ear destruction. Nicely done.

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  • Dexter feat. Nick Gerlach by sunsquabi

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  • Dexter feat. Nick Gerlach by sunsquabi

    Had me dancing!!!

  • Walmart by tankandthebangas

    When I came here... I didn't expect this! Good stuff!

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