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Little Rascal Records label owner/manager Brett Caporn, a.k.a. Spiral Soundsystem first appeared on the underground electronic music scene with his track Sizzled Dub. Its nuanced, intricate production set Sizzled Dub against the best moments of British down-tempo label Pork. Inspired by its inclusion on Australia’s only specialist electronic music magazine, Cyclic Defrost's promo disc that was circulated at European festivals such as Sonar in 2005, Caporn compiled Dub Rascals Volume 1 which was released in mid-2006. This release was then followed up with Dub Rascals Volume 2 in 2007, produced in collaboration with dub/dnb label artist Jerry Mane under the moniker of Dub Rascals Soundsystem, alongside a selection of other dubwise tracks from a handful of label and underground artists. This was back in the labels formative years in Far North Queensland where it championed local, interstate and international emerging hip hop, electronic, dnb and dub artists, often showcased at the labels brand name gigs: Dub In Tha Pub and Dub and Bass Rascals. Now based in Perth, WA since 2010, and a freshly built studio to dub out/in, The 'little rascal' intends to keep the dub flowing with a long awaited Dub Rascals Volume 3 in the near future, and continue with a flow of top quality dub, electronic and drum'n'bass releases on the unique label. Spiral Soundsystem has since released three more digital EPs: Into The Void in 2011 was a more darker ambient electronic outing featuring a remix of Nine Inch Nails track Lights In The Sky and Where We’ve Come From EP release in 2013 brings back the more dubwise sounds that Spiral Soundsystem has come to be known for. Recently in 2014 Spiral Soundsystem has produced a batch of heavy n desirable dubs including a series of steppers full of deep skanks, conscious samples and mass dub fx processing all done using digital and analog instruments, hardware and production techniques to be released over a series of EPs. The first was 6 track EP, Grow Food Not Lawns. Dub. released in March, 2014. Inspired by Permaculture, Urban Farming, Gardening and the Fertile Revolution, this dub-techno-stepper release is made to promote the Grow Food Not Lawns movement. At your event or festival, Spiral Soundsystem will be playing a bunch of fresh and original dub steppers, custom built with festival stage and maximum punter involvement in mind. These tunes are made to inspire and make you move on the dancefloor and/or in your abstract mind. Mixed with special selections from labels like jahtari, basic channel and deep in dub to name a few, be prepared to get skank’n with Spiral Soundsystem.

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