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My dad took me to my first concert almost a decade ago.
That day lead me down addiction to music.
In that time i've been to hundreds of concerts around the country.
A few years ago my dad again changed my life again with music when he gifted me his old record player.
Currently I have over 500 records and don't plan on slowing.

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  • quizkid


    Welcome to FeedBands. Where in MN you from?  I took my kid to his 1st concert when he was 4 or 5 - he's now 20 with his own band and currently on a winter break tour playing tonite in KC.



    In the Minneapolis area! What is the name of your Son's band?



    I'm in Faribault. The kid's band is called Gramma (not Grammas Boyfriend - also out of Mpls).  He's been playing in the Metro since he was 12 with Gramma and his previous band The Outpulse.