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Lives in Mpls/St. Paul metro

I support my sons band (Gramma) and the bands he has associated with. Collect music and love baseball. I am also awaiting retirement.

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Catalog of over 7,200 album titles. Raised on Hank Williams and Elvis. Then late one night listening to clear channel WLS AM radio in 1970, when I was 10, I had a mind blowing experience - it was my 1st taste of Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love (you might have heard of them).

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  • Grand Voodoo Band

    Grand Voodoo Band

    Thank you for your support! If you are interested in hearing the full discography I suggest you visit our Bandcamp page -
    Here you'll find all our songs released, including a couple of covers that unfortunately could not be featured on Feedbands due to uploading restrictions. Anyways, cheers!

  • Supervillain


    Hey Quizkid can you email your mailing info to [email protected] we want to thank you for your support .

  • Dolbro Dan

    Dolbro Dan

    Thanks for that, I'm still mixing the rest of the record. I'll submit again soon :)

  • theMidNightEssentials


    Thanks so much for the vote! Means a lot.

  • Irascible Fuck Brigade

    Irascible Fuck Brigade

    As ever, massive for your vote, support and feedback!

  • Psychic Sex

    Psychic Sex

    Thanks for your votes! Glad to get love from scuzzy brethren <3

  • Armies


    Thank you for the appreciation and votes! :)

  • Wohl


    Hi Quizkid, thank you for the upvote and the comment, we appreciate it. Greetings from Mexico!

  • fleurmai


    Hey if no one else has contacted you, I would be interested in the Sunsquabi record :)

  • Remington Pettygrove

    Remington Pettygrove

    Thanks for listening to the new EP and the support. Always great to get feedback from listeners.

  • Supervillain


    QuizKid you are awesome. Thanks for the rad comment.

  • Paracutá


    Thanks for the upvote!

  • Black Barrett

    Black Barrett

    Thank you for the upvote and the comment. It's much appreciated.

  • Eric Benoit

    Eric Benoit

    Really appreciate you listening and upvoting some of my songs! Glad you like them!

  • Silver Birches

    Silver Birches

    Hey thank for listening to 43, were pretty new to this site so its a nice welcome!

  • Aversion Theory

    Aversion Theory

    Thank you so much for the upvotesI It is so much appreciated!

  • Taphophilia


    Thank you so much for the upvotes! I, sir, am extremely grateful!

  • ces1um


    Looks like your posts got noticed by feed bands eh?

  • Taphophilia


    Mournful salute and reverence, thank you for taking the time to listen to Taphophilia!

  • ces1um


    Go check out Irascible Fuck Brigade's wall and read a couple of posts down.

  • Amber Lamps

    Amber Lamps

    Thanks for the upvotes, you rock!!! Tell your friends!

  • Irascible Fuck Brigade

    Irascible Fuck Brigade

    Thanks again for yet another upvote!

  • The Desmonds

    The Desmonds

    Thanks a bunch for the upvote! Not sure if indie rock is "your thing", but we appreciate it! ^Marten, The Desmonds



    The Desonds (Marten) I'll listen to anything...once. From what I gather here @ FB I don't necessarily follow the sheep. I surprise myself @ times what gets my attention.  Check out my sons band on Bandcamp - Gramma.  I always wanted an e in my name.  Martin.

  • Irascible Fuck Brigade

    Irascible Fuck Brigade

    Cheers for the upvotes, means a lot!

  • Silhouette Cities

    Silhouette Cities

    Hey, thanks a lot for the upvotes! Very much appreciated.



    Thanks for the upvotes!

  • Brandon Jordan

    Brandon Jordan

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  • Lost in Time

    Lost in Time

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  • A Band Called Sports

    A Band Called Sports

    Thanks for the votes, it means a lot!

  • The Ellie Badge

    The Ellie Badge

    Thanks for the upvotes dude! It means a lot <3



    I hope for two things: to see you in person in the Mpls metro area and that your FB lp gets shipped to me soon. If you get to Mpls, or want to, I'd be more than happy to see if I (and my son) can  be of assistance.

    The Ellie Badge

    The Ellie Badge

    Thanks man! I work a 9-5 but I'm constantly booking new dates. Hopefully I can get out there sometime!




  • PHZ-Sicks


    Thank you a ton and glad you like the music!

  • Amycanbe


    Thank you very much!

  • Statik Addikt

    Statik Addikt

    Thanks for listening and the vote on Vagabonds. appreciate it!

  • Ruckzuck


    Thanks for the upvotes Quizkid! Godzilla is awesome!

  • Higher Numbers

    Higher Numbers

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  • Geno White

    Geno White

    ...thanks man

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    Thank you very much!

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