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Lives in Maitland, NSW Australia

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  • Skallegro by spawn

    Never been much on ska, but this tickled me the right way, damn cool tune.

  • Skallegro by spawn

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  • Lies by volger

    The tag is very accurate, QOTSA worship.

  • The Ruminator by cycles

    Cool stuff, nice chill vibe with some cool off kilter elements.

  • The Ruminator by cycles

    upvoted The Ruminator by Cycles

  • Restructure by prynum

    Really cool instrumental stuff, heavy and intricate. Nice stuff, shame they are broken up now.

  • Restructure by prynum

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  • Is there a reason I can only access the digital subscription? Is the vinyl option already full or something?

  • Did you end getting a taker for your second copy?

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