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A DRUM KIT AND A GUITAR, A COUPLE OF MICROPHONES AND NO EXIT PLAN… The Thrash Blues are now serving the full electric. Liz plays drums & Ro plays guitar, and they don’t do it like anyone else. Hailing from Dublin, they’re too old to care about comparisons, and far too young to worry about making too much noise. Liz comes from a background of relentless gigging in the U.S, the U.K. and Ireland, while Ro’s background is littered with hazardous over-indulgence and self-destruction that he wishes he was still able to partake in. Years of exhaustive behaviour has hard-wired both of them into a brilliant rattling hyper-active force of nature. The songs explore themes of art, redemption, loss, love, addiction, poverty, greed, alienation and individuality – which is a broad way of saying ‘sex & drugs’, just as Dr. Ian Dury prescribed – delivered in a simple economic fashion because Bo Diddley said it was more sophisticated to do it that way

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