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  • Members vote on music from independent artists.

  • Top voted albums get pressed to vinyl for the first time.

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Feedbands delivers a musical experience that transcends all genres. It is not suited for those who wish to enjoy only a single style of music. As a Feedbands member, you will inevitably be delivered music outside of your typical range.

Imagine experiencing one of these artists on vinyl before anyone knew them.
That’s Feedbands.


Always a hand numbered first pressing.
Always exclusive to feedbands.
When we sell out, we do not repress.

Every part of our vinyl process, from the lathe to the electroplating to the
press, is handled by the most talented people in the industry.
The same folks who cut our laquer masters, electroplate our stampers, and
press our records have also handled the process for Black Sabbath, Metallica,
Nirvana, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flaming Lips, R.E.M.,
Black Keys, Wilco, Tom Petty, Phish, Neil Young, Beastie Boys, Muse,
Fleetwood Mac, Bjork, Crosby Stills & Nash, Built to Spill, and many others.

Our artists join this proud vinyl tradition.

you have

Can I choose my music?

Yes, we’ve released over 40 records, and you can choose between our artist of the month, or releases from our archive.

How do I vote on upcoming releases?

Hit the thumbs up from the Feedbands.com homepage.

Is it easy to cancel?

Yes. And you can do it right from our site. If you don’t like a record, don’t pay for it.

Does vinyl really sound better than digital?

Hands down. An LP that has been well recorded, mastered professionally, and pressed properly is going to sound more like live music than even lossless digital. However, there are many factors that will impact the quality of sound on your turntable. The balancing of the tonearm, the quality of the cartridge, the weight and smoothness of the platter, the preamp, all these things influence the quality of sound from your vinyl, and that's before it even hits your speakers.

What else do I get?

Digital download of the album, a12x12 lyric sheet with art, a writeup about the band, and a good feeling about supporting independent music.

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  • Don’t like a record, don’t pay for it

ANALOG masters

Starting in 2017, Feedbands is seeking out and partnering with analog
recording studios who record with true reel-to-reel tape machines to
find artists with analog masters who have been professionally recorded,
engineered and mastered. We're making friends with the few studios
left who are recording the music that will sound best on vinyl, courting
the artists recording there, getting their music on Feedbands, and getting
them on vinyl.

The greatest richness of the vinyl experience comes from music that was
recorded on tape. While we cannot guarantee that all the artists we
release moving forward will have true analog masters,
we are committed to finding them.

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Our 25th vinyl release

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“My verdict? it’s a no-brainer.”

If you want to build your record collection, if you want to
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  • “We dig this subscription a lot. Being long time
    redditors, the ability to upvote gives us that
    dopamine release. We can’t wait to cast our
    votes for next month. Overall score: 9.3”

  • “They say music can change your life, but it’s easy to forget
    that sometimes it’s true ... Feedbands, an Asheville, North
    Carolina-based company helping undiscovered independent
    musicians get their music out into the world.”

    - Consequence Of Sound
  • “since launcing two years ago,
    Feedbands has been on a mission
    to hunt down unknown artists
    and give them a platform...”


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