Announcing our March 2019 Vinyl Release: Photos by Sea of Lettuce

Feedbands Staff

March 1, 2019

Another day of doing nothing again,” starts off the song “Leave You Alone,” an emblematic song from Calgary-based indie band Sea of Lettuce. Lead singer Wojtek Musial delivers his lyrics in a lazy, dreamlike fashion, matched appropriately by sedate accompaniments from the rest of the band: Daniel L’Amarca (bass, keys), Caolan Ayres (drums), and Dylan Hameluck (guitar).

The group unpresumptuously describes themselves as simply a “Calgary band just making some nice tunes.” In an industry filled with soaring egos, it’s refreshing to stumble across a band as humble as this one, content to inhabit their own little corner of Western Canada’s Indie Wave subculture. That’s not to say that the band doesn’t have every intention of growing; of touring; and someday, of finding themselves on big festival line-ups (Q: Dream Gig? A: Coachella, of course)! But for now, they love playing intimate gigs at their favorite hometown dives. Any fans of Mac DeMarco’s lo-fi slacker stylings will enjoy the chill reverberant soundscapes created by Sea of Lettuce, sliding over the listener like a warm wool sweater—or, should I say, like a big pile of fresh salad greens.

While they only dreamed up the surreal “Sea of Lettuce” name a few years ago, these four besties have played music for a while now. Wojtek and Daniel have been jamming since early middle school, and teamed up with Caolan and Dylan just a few years later. They cite Calgary as a notable player in their sound, particularly in the way its harsh winters prompt flurries of deep artistic creativity. The four band members all share a comedic dislike for the cold, which (don’t tell anyone!) might be subtly undermining their loyalty to Calgary—and breeding dreams of someday moving to sunny California

At the end of the day, the band’s most important ideal is demonstrating the total accessibility of music. They rehearse and record everything in their basements, using nothing much but their instruments, a AKG Perception 170 microphone, GarageBand, and a Steinberg UR44 for an interface. They taught themselves how to mix and master their own tracks. They want to remind their listeners that music is always within a hand’s reach, and nothing should get in the way of making it. “We’re just trying to spread the love, and spread the lettuce.”

Personally, I recommend diving right into this big comforting ocean of salad greens, and stay tuned for Photos as it gets released on vinyl this year.

As for the vinyl, we pressed this full length LP in Lettuce. Only 500 were pressed.