Announcing our April 2019 Vinyl Release: Pretty But Killing Me by Pacific Radio

Feedbands Staff

April 1, 2019

“Our songs are about heartache and redemption. Oh wait, nah, f*** that…just say they’re about girls and cigarettes.”

Much like their hometown of Los Angeles, West Coast rockers Pacific Radio contain a remarkably satisfying blend of sunshine and grime, like getting day drunk at a dive bar on the beach. The band gets its raw power and energy from its bulletproof rock licks, featuring Joe Stiteler on the bass, Kyle Biane on guitar (a custom from Bryan Hibler), and Hyke Shirinian on drums. Their attitude, though, seems to coalesce in the wild whiskey-drenched vocals of Joe Robinson, the band’s lead singer and frontman (and second guitarist). In the music video for Kitchen Table, Robinson shamelessly sports a mullet, mustache, and yellow sunglasses while rocking out with the rest of the band in front of a giant American flag, telling the story of a tanked relationship with the grumpy bitterness of somebody in the grips of a strong hangover “Since you drug my soul right through the dirt/ Well, f*** you, blondie, it never woulda worked.” I think it’s safe to say that this is music for the unapologetic.

Coming of age in the garage rock revival, the five-year-old band tips their hat to The Strokes and early Weezer as some of their main influences. These guys are uniquely themselves, however; jacked up on southern rockabilly swagger while still finding plenty of moments for deep poetry or uplifting melodic hooks that truly soar. But whether the band speeds up or slows down; whether they play music for surfing or music for bogging, they never once lose their internal consistency; keeping their instruments in tight conversations with each other (it helps that their songs are exceptionally well mixed).

“L.A. is pretty, but it’s killing me/ your pictures are perfect in the magazine/ so get off my back, give me one second to breathe, a moment to think/ well I’m dried up right now, but I’d kill for a drink/ you’re pretty, but you’re killing me.” Pacific Radio gets its name from an independent A/V shop in Burbank that the band frequented in their younger days, which has been open since the late 30’s. The band isn’t a nostalgia act, but in an era of drum tracks and electro-pop, they are proud to keep their feet firmly planted in live rock, and hope someday to be undertaking larger US tours and hitting historic dives like Minneapolis’ iconic First Avenue. Keep your eyes on these guys, folks—and if you get a chance to catch a show, prepare to have a whole lot of fun.

As for the vinyl, we pressed this full length LP in crisp Red White Split. Only 500 were pressed.