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    How Does Feedbands work?

    Feedbands is a crowdsourced record label whose members collectively determine which artists we should make vinyl release offers to. When we release an artist on vinyl, they get paid in cash and records and they also keep all the rights to their music. We press the records and send them to our members all over the world. We only ever release first pressings, meaning the records we release on vinyl have never been on vinyl before. Here’s how the whole process works:


    That time we threw a rock concert in our Santa Cruz office with Spindrift and the Coo Coo Birds

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    From: REDACTED (Landlord)
    Date: August 3, 2013, 12:32:02 PM PDT

    Hi Graham:

    I today received a few complaints regarding some sort of party event you evidently had at your suite #200 at 3004 Mission. My understanding is that there was loud music, then live music, and alcohol being openly consumed in the common area and entrance area outside and inside. (more…)

    That time we hosted a 10 day recording sessions

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    About two years ago we opened the Feedbands House to musicians all over the country and world to participate in a 10 day recording session. Luckily, one rocker guy who goes by the name Crazy Red recorded the whole thing. Here are some of the videos. We recorded 10 days worth of music and have yet to release any of the tracks. Maybe someday?

    Watch videos below of the recording session:


  • December

    Welcome to the Feedbands Blog

    The Feedbands blog has been a bit overdue but we do so much here with such a small team, that it was just one of those things that slipped through the cracks for a long time. It’s a shame too, because we’ve had so many crazy stories and twists and turns over the last few years since our inception. We’ll be periodically digging up stories from our past to post here, since it has been such a rich and colorful whirlwind.

    So let’s tell the abbreviated Feedbands story. Before Feedbands did vinyl and before Feedbands did streaming, Feedbands started as a house where any musician could move in and live for free in exchange for jamming. And move in people did. Within weeks of opening the house, a dozen or so musicians were living in the house, making music, having concerts and all night jam sessions.

    From there we began building a streaming service to stream all the music that was not part of the corporate musical ecosystem. Real music, made by real people who play their own instruments and write their own songs and feel so passionately about the music that they make that they literally have no other choice but to play in a band.

    The streaming service almost failed. It was gaining listenership and artists, but it wasn’t making generating any revenue at all, let alone revenue to support itself. Feedbands has never raised investment or venture capital and does not intend to for the simple fact that it is important that Feedbands is never beholden to investors. How can we solve the problem of passionless corporate-produced music if we take investment and put ourselves on the same path as all the other corporations out there.

    It was about that time that the Unknown Relatives played a show at the original Feedbands house, and shared that they were going to South by Southwest to try to find someone to press their record. In an instant, the Feedbands team offered to press their record, since they had just played a killer show and literally had the entire house, hundreds of people, losing their shit. We didn’t know what we were going to do with the record, but in the coming weeks we decided to use the votes on our site to determine the artists we should release on vinyl, and offer the whole thing as a subscription.

    Then the landlord evicted us from the house and sold it. So we moved to Asheville and started a farm to grow food to feed the bands we were hosting and who play shows. And that’s where we are now.