Earth Day Announcement: Free Streams Now Plant Trees

Feedbands Staff

April 22, 2019

Feedbands wants music to reforest the planet.
That’s why we started planting 1 tree for every 100 qualified streams last month. Since then, we’ve planted 6923 trees. That’s a nice start but we’re setting our sights higher.

Now we plant trees for free steams. 
Beginning today, we will plant 1 tree for every 100 streams including free streams. That means that anyone anywhere in the world can visit our homepage without an account, start streaming music without logging in, and we will plant trees for those streams. 

Just by going to our homepage at or launching our iPhone or Android app, choosing a station, and listening, we are planting trees. No log in or account required.

How Will Feedbands Sustain This Financially?
Right now, we are going to pay out of pocket to plant trees on free streams, since those streams generate no revenue for us. However, we are working towards inserting ads into the free listening experience to cover the cost of the tree planting. We hope to always be able to plant trees for free streams but we may have to periodically re-evaluate our financial ability to do so.

Crowd-Curated Stations
Our members collectively curate our stations with their votes. We’re making lots of improvements to our stations in the next few weeks as we roll out an updated curation algorithm.

The Daily Dose
Did you know we highlight a new song every day on our “Everything” station? You can access it from our homepage and apps. Give it a listen and plant some trees.

How You Can Help
It’s easy! Just go to or stream music on our apps, and we’ll plant trees. If you think that’s cool, consider telling your friends. If you know any artists who want to join our movement, consider inviting them to join. Every stream counts.