Fine Animal

Fine animal indeed. An intriguing specimen of many a form and function. A combination of speed and agility, with such grace it elevates heart rates and hypnotized the minds of its experiencers.

Fine Animal is certainly a sum of its parts in the best sense possible. From the call and response nature of some vocals to the interweaving soundscapes, the beautifully rooted rhythmic qualities and the delicately balanced male-female vocal arrangements. This album offers a world of dynamics and artfully crafted rhythmic foundations that would tickle the fancy of any producer or beat seeker. While containing a harmonic quality that will capture the imagination of any music lover. An exercise in the intricacy achievable through the delicate layering of simplicity. Fine Animal has created a treasure hunt for the ears. Track after track, the subtleties keep your ear intrigued and after a few listens become the gems that keep you coming back for more. Before long you also pick up that Before The Glow is an absolute mood or maybe for Fine Animal the state of their being. It feels that authentic. Nothing about this record seems forced or convoluted. It stands as an utterly unabashed expression that is steeped in purpose and intelligent design.

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