How Does Feedbands work?

Feedbands Staff

February 4, 2017

Feedbands is a music streaming service that plants trees as members stream. Our mission and vision is for music to reforest the planet. We are also deeply committed to helping talented independent artists get their music out there. 

Feedbands vision and mission is for music to reforest the planet. We plant 1 tree for every 100 streams, including streams of non-members and non-account holders. We pay for this with digital subscriptions from listeners who support us and want additional features.  To verify our tree planting at any time, please visit:


Our Goal: 1 billion Trees

Our goal is to plant 1 billion trees. To do this, we will need to stream 100 billion songs. We think it’s possible, but we need support of listeners and artists who believe in our mission.


We pay the artists.

We pay artists 1 cent per qualified stream, which are streams from our subscribers.


You can become an ambassador.

We also have an ambassador program for people who want to take a more active role in bringing artists and listeners in to our project. As an ambassador, you can earn a little bit of money on the streams of artists and listeners you sign up, and when you share music.



Everything starts with an artist submitting music from our music upload page here. Artists can upload their entire discography for free & link a Bitcoin address to begin earning. They’ll earn 1 cent for every qualified stream, paid in Bitcoin. That’s over 2x what Spotify pays for a premium stream.

In addition, artists can also add to their page:

1. Music videos
2. Band photos
3. Tour dates
4. A mailchimp list ID to allow visitors to their page to join their mailing list with a single click.

The agreement for artists is non-exclusive and can be terminated at any time. That means their music can be on any other site, and they can take it off Feedbands whenever they want.

Artists must own all the copyrights and publishing rights to any music they submit -meaning you cannot upload cover songs, songs with samples that are not authorized, and so on.


Our Submissions List is where all newly uploaded music appears. This is also where the Feedbands community curation process begins. Through the diligent efforts of our staff and power users gems will be discovered.

We depend on help from our listeners and members to find music to feature.

Feedbands members can listen and vote on any music on the submissions list.

It’s easy to filter the submission list by songs with 1 or more votes, 2 or more votes, and so on to see what other members are voting on.


If songs on the Submission List get enough votes, we feature them on the Daily Dose. We also feature songs on the Daily Dose if our staff or power users just really like a song. At this time, there is no set number of votes a song needs on the submission list to get onto the Daily Dose. This is because the number of users who actually go through and listen and vote on the submissions fluctuates, sometimes it is a lot, sometimes it is less. Generally, if a song in the recent music submissions gets between just 5 to 10 votes, it is likely to be featured on the daily dose.

So, your vote counts. You are in control of the artists that make it onto the Daily Dose.


The Daily Dose is our daily song feature. It pulls across all genres and musical styles to highlight one exceptional song each day.


Qualified streams are those that trigger payments to artists and ambassadors. Every active, paying member of Feedbands receives 300 qualified streams each month. These are the first 300 songs that the member listens to from start to finish. Once a member has reached 300 full streams for the month, they can continue listening and using the site as usual, but their streams are no longer qualified. In addition, streams from non-users, or non logged in users, are not qualified streams. Only qualified streams trigger payments.