How Does Feedbands work?

Feedbands Staff

February 4, 2017

Feedbands is a music streaming service dedicated to surfacing new artists, fighting climate change, and paying people in Bitcoin. We’re also the world’s first crowdsourced record label whose members collectively determine which artists we release on vinyl. When we release an artist on vinyl, they get paid in cash and records and they also keep all the rights to their music. When you stream and share music on Feedbands, you plant trees and earn Bitcoin.

Everything starts with an artist submitting music from our music upload page here. Artists can upload their entire discography for free & link a Bitcoin address to begin earning. They’ll earn 1 cent for every qualified stream, paid in Bitcoin. That’s over 2x what Spotify pays for a premium stream.

In addition, artists can also add to their page:

1. Music videos
2. Band photos
3. Tour dates
4. A mailchimp list ID to allow visitors to their page to join their mailing list with a single click.

The agreement for artists is non-exclusive and can be terminated at any time. That means their music can be on any other site, and they can take it off Feedbands whenever they want.

Artists must own all the copyrights and publishing rights to any music they submit -meaning you cannot upload cover songs, songs with samples that are not authorized, and so on.


Our Submissions List is where all newly uploaded music appears. This is also where the Feedbands community curation process begins. Through the diligent efforts of our staff and power users gems will be discovered.

We depend on help from our listeners and members to find music to feature.

Feedbands members can listen and vote on any music on the submissions list.

It’s easy to filter the submission list by songs with 1 or more votes, 2 or more votes, and so on to see what other members are voting on.


If songs on the Submission List get enough votes, we feature them on the Daily Dose. We also feature songs on the Daily Dose if our staff or power users just really like a song. At this time, there is no set number of votes a song needs on the submission list to get onto the Daily Dose. This is because the number of users who actually go through and listen and vote on the submissions fluctuates, sometimes it is a lot, sometimes it is less. Generally, if a song in the recent music submissions gets between just 5 to 10 votes, it is likely to be featured on the daily dose.

So, your vote counts. You are in control of the artists that make it onto the Daily Dose.


The Daily Dose is our daily song feature. It pulls across all genres and musical styles to highlight one exceptional song each day.


Our Charts page ranks the albums on Feedbands that have the most votes across the album. At the end of the month, we typically make an offer to the artist to release their album on vinyl. The artist is under no obligation to accept, and if the album has already been pressed to vinyl we cannot make the offer and would move on to the next album down the list.


Only subscribers can vote, since they are the ones paying to receive the release each month. This helps prevent fraudulent voting.

Since every vote is tied to an account with an active and unique credit card that is being billed each month, it helps ensure the validity of the voting. It is possible, if this gets a lot bigger, we’ll need to implement more features to ensure each unique human is only casting one vote.

We do not display vote counts publicly, but artists can see their own vote counts. This is because we don’t want artists to feel disadvantaged if they get negative votes, and we don’t want vote counts to influence the tastes of listeners. Subconsciously, you will naturally be less likely to like a song that has less likes, and more likely to like a song if you think lots of other people like it. So, we decided to take out that element.

However, you can still see song rankings on our Charts page.


Commenting is also restricted to paying subscribers, since any song that is commented on jumps to the top of the “Talk” section of the homepage and helps bands gain more votes. Commenting is a powerful way that listeners can help artists they like gain more votes and recognition.


A lot of people mistakenly interpret Feedbands as a competition; that bands are pitted against each other. This is not the case. Any band who gains enough votes across tracks on an album will eventually get pressed to vinyl. Sometimes, we go back and offer to press artists who submitted their music a year ago, just because it finally got enough votes to get pressed. No artist is ever out of the running if they didn’t get enough votes in the month they submitted. It is a long term process. It can take months and several daily dose features for enough subscribers to have listened through enough tracks of a given artist to give them the votes necessary for a vinyl release. The choice at any moment to release a band to vinyl never excludes any other band from a vinyl release.



Feedbands is dedicated to fighting climate change, and our vision is for music streaming to play a direct role in humanity’s effort to avoid catastrophic climate change. The way it works is simple: for every 100 qualified streams we plant 1 tree. So, a member who streams all of their 300 qualified streams each month will end up planting 3 trees. An artist who’s music is streamed 3000 times will plant 30 trees, etc. Documentation of our tree planting is publicly verifiable. To verify our tree planting at any time, please visit:

Qualified streams are those that trigger payments. Every active, paying member of Feedbands receives 300 qualified streams each month. These are the first 300 songs that the member listens to from start to finish. Once a member has reached 300 full streams for the month, they can continue listening and using the site as usual, but their streams are no longer qualified. In addition, streams from non-users, or non logged in users, are not qualified streams. Only qualified streams trigger payments.

For each qualified stream, Feedbands pays the listener, the artist, the person who shared the song (if any), the person who scouted (signed up) the listener, and the person who scouted (signed up) the artist. Everyone is paid in Bitcoin, and the amount of Bitcoin they receive is equal to the following amounts at the time the payment is distributed:

Listener: .5 cents of BTC

Artist: 1 cent of BTC

Sharer: .15 cents of BTC

Listener Scout: .15 cents of BTC

Artist Scout: .15 cents of BTC

This amount is automatically sent to the Bitcoin address linked to your account, as long as you have linked a Bitcoin wallet to your account and completed the identity verification.

The value of Bitcoin fluctuates up and down. However, value of your account is stored in USD, so the dollar value of your account will not fluctuate until payment is made. Once you receive Bitcoin, the value may fluctuate. By using Feedbands and earning Bitcoin, you accept this risk. Feedbands is not responsible for any loss in the value of Bitcoin you receive. If you prefer to be paid in USD, you can opt to receive a check, although it requires that your account reach a $100 threshold.

Active Feedbands members receive a link that they can share on social media, text message, email, etc. When an artist clicks that link and then signs up for Feedbands and uploads music, etc. the Scout, or owner of that link will earn Bitcoin on every qualified stream that that artist generates on their music for the life of their account, as long as the Scout’s Feedbands subscription remains active. The current rates are referenced above.

Active Feedbands members can use their Scout link to sign up listeners as well, and will earn Bitcoin on each qualified stream for the life of the listener’s account, as long as the Scout’s Feedbands subscription remains active. The current rates are referenced above.

When a Feedbands member shares a song on Feedbands, they can earn Bitcoin in three different ways:

  1. If the shared song is streamed by a Feedbands member as a qualified stream, the person earns Bitcoin as the sharer. This includes all qualified streams as a result of sharing songs and playlists.
  2. If the shared song is listened to by a non-member, and the listener then signs up for Feedbands, the sharer will earn Bitcoin on all qualified streams for the life of the new member’s account as a listener scout, as long as the listener scout’s subscription remains active.
  3. If the shared song is listened to by an artist who then submits music to Feedbands, the sharer will earn Bitcoin on every qualified stream of that artist’s music as the artist scout.

So, by sharing music, you earn Bitcoin when Feedbands members listen to the songs you share, when non-Feedbands members sign up after listening to the songs you share, and when artists sign up after listening to a song you share.

You can set your payout threshold to whatever you choose above $5, but please note that Bitcoin transfer fees do come out of your payment. Currently, the cost to make a Bitcoin transfer is about 14 cents. To avoid paying a disproportionately high transfer fee, we have set the minimum transfer threshold to $5. You can adjust this from Account Settings -> Bitcoin Settings.

Lightning Network is an exciting development in Bitcoin that allows transfers to happen instantly and for almost zero cost. With a Lightning-Enabaled Bitcion wallet, we will be able to pay you for streams, shares, and scouting instantly and for a near-zero transfer fee. This technology is still in beta and if you would like to be one of our beta testers please contact [email protected] and we can setup your lightning account so that you are paid instantly for all of your streams / shares / scouts.

How much Bitcoin you earn through Feedbands is entirely dependent on your listening, sharing, and scouting efforts. If you signed up a single incredible artist who got 10 million qualified streams over the life of their account, you would earn $15,000 in Bitcoin. If the value of bitcoin appreciated 5x over time after you receive your payout, that $15,000 would become $75,000. This would also plant 100,000 trees just from scouting a single massively popular artist.

In reality, that scenario would be a home run and most artists will probably not generate 10 million qualified streams. So what might be an average scenario? Let’s say you sign up 10 friends, and they each stream their full 300 qualified streams each month, you would earn $4.50 per month in Bitcoin just from those friends streaming. If that bitcoin increased by 5x in value over time, you would have actually made $22 per month, making your membership profitable. DISCLAIMER: we cannot speculate on the future value of Bitcoin, and we do not offer investment advice.

How about a more complex example? You listen to 300 qualified streams in a month, you sign up two artists who each did 1000 qualified streams in a month, and you sign up three friends who streamed their full 300 streams that month. You would earn $5.85 per month and plant 29 trees in the process. If the bitcoin then increased in value over time by 5x, you would have made $29.25 per month.

Scouting artists that become popular on the site is certainly the most lucrative way to earn Bitcoin on Feedbands, but we hope you’ll scout friends as listeners so great artists get more exposure, everyone earns more Bitcoin, and we plant more life-renewing trees.

We are very excited to offer this small reward for participation in our new music economy and please remember that we are paying independent artists a base rate of over 2x what Spotify pays per stream, helping these artists better support themselves and continue making their art, while retaining the rights to their music.


Below is a list of ways you can utilize your scout link to earn recurring monthly Bitcoin:

  • Create youtube videos that explain how Feedbands works and put your scout link in the description.
  • Create content for the web (Medium, WordPress etc), that explains how Feedbands works and put your scout link in the content.
  • Post your favorite songs and artists to Reddit. When non-members listen and sign up, you’ll have “scouted” them and you’ll earn Bitcoin on all their qualified streams. Popular music subreddits include /r/music /r/listentothis and of course various subreddit genres like indie, hip hop, rap, post rock, etc.
  • Please be extra careful when posting any links to Feedbands to make sure you are not spamming. If you are sharing music, we hope it is music you genuinely think is awesome and represents Feedbands and the artist well. If you are creating content to explain it, we hope you do so with the same love for music that this company is based on. Feedbands is, at heart, created by music lovers for music lovers. We take pride in supporting independent artists and love our members for doing the same. Our wish is to retain that same quality of content and pride in the product even as we expand our member and artist base. Spammers on the network who indiscriminately flood the web with links will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to disable affiliate links or terminate accounts that violate our user agreement.


Earnings do not begin accruing in your Feedbands account until you successfully link a Bitcoin address to your Feedbands account from your account settings. The easiest and fastest wallet to set up in two seconds is the Coinbase Wallet.


The easiest and fastest wallet to set up in two seconds is the Coinbase Wallet.


That’s easy and only takes a click! If you’re using a wallet, click on “Receive”. Carefully copy that address, and paste it into your Feedbands account under “Bitcoin Settings.” Double check it to make sure the address is correct.


Just search youtube for things like “Bitcoin Wallets” or “Bitcoin wallet tutorial” or “Keeping your Bitcoin safe” or “How to use Coinbase.” There is an incredible amount of good information on Youtube for safely storing your Bitcoin, using Bitcoin wallets, and getting that Bitcoin into your bank account.