We press an independent album to vinyl each month. These are the records we've released.


    Vinyl Includes:

    - Limited exclusive first pressing of the monthly record

    - Digital download of our monthly record

    - 12x12 Lyric sheet or art print

    - Swap your monthly record for any from our archive

    - Daily digital download of our Daily Dose

    - Voting and commenting on Feedbands

    $25 /mo
  • t-shirt SUBSCRIPTION

    T-Shirt Includes:

    - Small batch custom tee for our monthly album release

    - Digital album download of our monthly release

    - Daily digital download of our Daily Dose

    $20 /mo
  • both, please

    vinyl & matching tee delivered monthly.

    $45 /mo

    just digital.

    digital Includes:

    - Digital download of monthly album

    - Daily digital download of the Daily Dose song of the day

    - Voting and commenting

    $4 /mo