Vinyl Includes:

    - Limited exclusive first pressing of the monthly record

    - Digital download of our monthly record

    - 12x12 Lyric sheet or art print

    - Swap your monthly record for any from our archive

    - Daily digital download of our Daily Dose

    - Voting and commenting on Feedbands

    $25 /mo
  • t-shirt SUBSCRIPTION

    T-Shirt Includes:

    - Small batch custom tee for our monthly album release

    - Digital album download of our monthly release

    - Daily digital download of our Daily Dose

    $20 /mo
  • both, please

    vinyl & matching tee delivered monthly.

    $45 /mo

    just digital.

    digital Includes:

    - Digital download of monthly album

    - Daily digital download of the Daily Dose song of the day

    - Voting and commenting

    $4 /mo

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where are we shipping to?

Do you ship outside the US?

We ship to almost all countries and have a feature for international customers where we package and send multiple months at the same time, making shipping actually less than you would pay for a monthly delivery in the US. It's a $20 per-shipment fee, and we can send as many as 12 records at once, though 3 month and 6 month options are most popular. Just select "international" above and make sure "yes" is selected for "package and ship records together."

Can I return a record I don't like?

Yes you can return any record you don't like for a full refund, or swap it for any other record in our archive.

How do I choose a record?

once you sign up, you'll be able to log into your Feedbands.com account and choose your record from your account settings.