Tree Verification

Feedbands’ mission is to turn the music streaming industry into something that helps fight climate change. We view this mission as essential to playing our part to help improve the planet and fight catastrophic climate change. To do this, we have partnered with Trees for the Future ( -a non-governmental organization that is world renowned for their tree planting projects.

A single tree, on average, will remove one ton of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere over the course of it’s life. The trees we are planting are primarily fruit trees in Saharan and Sub-saharan Africa, which also provide nutritious food to local populations that lack access to food.

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Charity Navigator accountability report here. We are proud to announce that Trees For the Future, our tree planting partner, has received a perfect score (100) by Charity Navigator for their accountability and transparency. Trees For the Future is one of the most reputable and most renowned tree planting organization in the world.