Welcome to the new Feedbands.

Feedbands Staff

March 6, 2019

We’ve built an entire music economy that pays artists and listeners in Bitcoin while helping to fight climate change. 

Sound crazy? It is. What it isn’t, though, is a joke. It’s real, it’s here, and it’s live right now. As of today, we’re paying our artists more per qualified stream than Spotify (over twice as much), we’re paying listeners for listening, sharing and scouting, and we’re paying in Bitcoin.

But that’s not all. Perhaps you’ve noticed that the planet is getting warmer. We noticed too. That’s why we’ve also built in a way to  plant a tree for every 100 qualified streams on Feedbands. While we recognize that this may be a drop in the bucket when faced with the enormity of the problems before us, we feel it’s our responsibility to do what we can to help preserve this beautiful planet, and this is how we’re going to start doing our part.

Finally, we’ve overhauled our charts to make it super clear who is next in line for the vinyl release and when the voting deadline is. We’ve created carefully curated stations that you can make even better with your input and votes. We’ve updated the design of our entire site. We’ve migrated onto a new billing platform that allows updating billing / shipping / payment methods right from within the site.

If you’re interested in learning more, read on.

We Pay You Bitcoin.
All Feedbands members now earn Bitcoin just for listening.
As a member you get get 300 qualified streams per month. These streams pay the listener, the artist, the sharer, and the scout. Artists get paid a full cent in Bitcoin, which is over 2x what Spotify pays per stream. Listeners get paid half a cent in Bitcoin, which is still more than an artist earns for a stream on Spotify. If you share music and other members stream it, you earn even more. If you share music or a link, and other artists or listeners sign up for Feedbands from your share, you earn Bitcoin on all their qualified streams for the life of their account. You read that right. It’s about to get Bitcoin up in here.

You can read our full Bitcoin FAQ here.


We plant trees as you stream. Image result for trees white background
We plant 1 tree for every 100 qualified streams. We’ve partnered with Trees for the Future, the most reputable tree planting organization we could find, rated 100% by the watchdog Charity Navigator for Accountability and Transparency. The more you stream, the more trees get planted. We also now plant 1 tree for every vinyl record sold as part of our commitment to do what we can from where we are to offset the effects of climate change.


New Billing Platform – Please Upgrade Now to Activate New Features
We’ve migrated onto a new billing platform. This platform will allow you to update billing, shipping, and payment methods from within our site, safely, securely, and conveniently. Please be aware that until you migrate onto the new platform, none of your streams will be qualified, meaning that you won’t earn Bitcoin or plant trees for streaming, artists won’t get paid, and some puppies somewhere will probably be cold at night.

Please navigate to Account Settings -> Billing to upgrade onto the new billing platform. You’ll need to re-enter your billing information and details. If you haven’t paid for March yet, this will be your only charge for March. If you have already paid for March, your previous charge will be refunded once you are on the new platform. Rest assured, you will only pay for March once. Our vinyl prices have stayed exactly the same, but our digital subscription has gone up to $9.99.


New Charts
We’ve rolled out a new Charts page that prominently displays the artist and album slated for release, the estimated release date, and the voting deadline.

Since we launched Feedbands the artist selection has been a bit of a black box, as we looked at artists that had multiple singles in the 3-month, 6-month or yearly charts. Now, we’ve simplified and streamlined it all to be crystal clear. We hope you’re as excited as we are about this and will take the time to vote for the songs and artists you love.


Questions and Answers:

How do I start earning Bitcoin for listening?
1. Upgrade to the new billing platform from Account Settings -> Subscription -> Subscription. If you have already paid for March in the old billing software, rest assured that the double payment will be refunded by our detail-oriented Feedbands staff who are ready to make sure this transition is seamless. If you haven’t paid for March yet and you sign up for the new platform, your payment in the old platform will be cancelled and billing will pick up seamlessly in the new software this month.

2. Get a Bitcoin wallet address. We recommend Coinbase Wallet for iPhone or Android. It ‘s fast and free to set up a Bitcoin wallet address. Make sure when you generate your address you use a “Legacy” address. If you don’t, it won’t be accepted when you save it on your Feedbands Account.

3. Link your Bitcoin wallet address to your Feedbands account by going to Account Settings -> Bitcoin Settings, paste the address it into the address field, and click save. If there is an error, then you probably did not generate a “Legacy” address, or you might have generated an address for some other form of cryptocurrency.

Please note: your account will not start earning Bitcoin until you’ve upgraded to the new platform and have linked a Bitcoin wallet. We cannot track or pay the Bitcoin you’ve earned until these steps are completed.


How can I get help?
Email [email protected] or call us during business hours.


Why Bitcoin? Why not use Paypal like everyone else?
We’ve written an entire blog post about it here.


How do I earn Bitcoin for sharing and scouting?
1. Share music through the site’s share features. When other members listen to it, you earn Bitcoin.
2. Share music through the site’s share features. When non-members listen to it, and then sign up, you’ll earn a little Bitcoin on all of their qualified streams forever.
3. Share your “scout link” with an artist you think should be on Feedbands. When they sign up, you’ll earn a little Bitcoin each time their music is streamed.
4. Share your “scout link” with listeners you think would enjoy Feedbands. When they become members, you’ll earn a little Bitcoin each time they listen to a song.

Only active members can earn Bitcoin by sharing and scouting, so make sure your membership is active and you have a Bitcoin wallet linked to your account before starting. Bitcoin will not start accruing in your account until you connect a wallet.


Can I earn more Bitcoin than the cost of my membership?
Yes! There is no limit to how much Bitcoin you can earn sharing and scouting. If you sign up a single popular artist with your scout link, and that artist got 10 million streams, you would earn $15,000 in bitcoin. This would totally be a homerun and is not very likely to happen, but just to give you an idea of what the homerun scenario looks like. We have more earning scenarios outlined on the Bitcoin FAQ page.


Where can I read more about how Bitcoin works on Feedbands?
On our Bitcoin FAQ page.


Do I need to be a Feedbands member and link a Bitcoin wallet to my account to begin earning?


There’s a bug on the site. This isn’t working. What do I do?
Please let us know at [email protected]! We have rolled out a massive site update and there may be things that need tweaking here and there. We’ve been testing it thoroughly around the clock and making lots of improvements to it. There are more updates coming in the next few weeks with stations and tagging. We thank you for your patience and help as we roll this out.


Where do we go from here?
The next few weeks we’re doing lots and lots of testing. Then we are going to make some noise. For now, we’re keeping it quiet and just letting our customers / users / artists know what’s happening. Any feedback you can give us about bugs, errors, or things you love will help us make this as seamless as possible so please reach out!

Let’s keep the vinyl spinning, the Bitcoin flowing, and the trees growing,
Team Feedbands