We’ve purged all votes from non-subscribers.

Feedbands Staff

February 10, 2017

Hello Feedfolk!

In our nonstop efforts to ramp up and improve everything about the Feedbands service, we’re announcing that today we purged all votes from the system that were not cast from paying subscribers.

We realized pretty early on that allowing anyone to sign up for a Feedbands account and cast a vote would quickly lead to a lot of voter fraud as bands, eager to get their vinyl pressed, resorted to dubious means to reach that end. So, about a year ago, we made a change that only subscribers could actually cast votes. But all the votes in the system that had been cast from non-subscribers were still there. We’ve fixed that now.

We’ve also closed a gap in the system that would allow artists to cast votes. A few sneaky artists realized that it was possible to register multiple free artist accounts and vote for themselves. We of course recognized this, and decided the easiest way to fix this was to only allow paying subscribers to vote.



How This Effects the Charts

It’s been interesting to see how the charts were effected after removing all the non-subscriber votes from the system. A few new names popped up on the all time charts, including Brother’s Comatose and Whysowhite. The yearly, three month, and monthly charts have all shifted around a bit too. We think the quality of the music on the charts has dramatically improved.

Moving forward, only active paying subscriber accounts will be able to cast votes.

THANK YOU members who actively listen and vote, for helping this whole crazy machine run and bringing the good music to the top. And thanks again for creating a collective voice to help define what good music is.

And for those wanting to learn more about exactly how votes determine Daily Dose features and Vinyl releases, read How The Heck Does Feedbands Work. 

Keep grooving.