The sound of Yves is a welcomed departure from anything mainstream, anything heavy, and everything over produced. A genre-defying voyage through the oceans of the familiar yet undefined. Like a subtle scent that triggers memories of seasons and experiences long gone but utterly present. Like waves that deliver fleeting grains of remembrance from lands afar. If you can, recall the moment of weightlessness you feel when mid swing, that fraction of a second when you are not coming nor going but floating between, this is Yves. This is timeless.

Within The Sound Of Yves, the band has managed exquisitely to articulate their collective voice amongst a tapestry of carefully selected instrumentation, sonic oscillation, and vocal interplay.  The Album starts with a light-hearted feeling, before moving into more grandiose layering, exploring the range of vocal possibilities and effectiveness of select instrumental accompaniment. One can’t help but fall for the melancholy enchantment of weaving vocal harmonies found in Tracks throughout the entire album but notably Tralala, Car Ride, and Flinty Heart.
Equally as intriguing as the vocal prowess throughout this record are the articulation, patients, and vastness of composition. We all know the world we live in and how over stimulated our day to day can be. To find beauty in space and having the ability to communicate that through song is a rare and valuable gem in today’s musical sphere. There is a lot to be said for those who understand when enough is enough and break the misconception of simplicity being boring or shallow. If anything, Yves has written a playbook exercising the immense power of well-crafted sparsity.

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